Dinosaur sites

The dinosaurs of Coll de Nargó are on show to the public thanks to a series of archaeological excavations in the town of Coll de Nargó, in Alt Urgell. This fact made Coll de Nargó enter the route established between this town and Isona i Conca Dellà, a zone which is also rich in this kind of site. The first findings were nests of dinosaur eggs. Josep Peralba, from Coll de Nargó and Joan Escuer, both professional geologists and founders of Friends of the Dinosaurs Alt Urgell (ADAU), were the first to discover them.

Límit K-T Room

The dinosaur eggs and nest site at Coll de Nargó is considered by the scientific community to be one of the three most important in the world. The disappearance of the last large dinosaurs that inhabited the earth took place at the KT boundary, a historic period between the Cretaceous and Tertiary geological periods some 65 million years ago, when one of the great mass extinctions in the history of the world came about, marking the start of a new era dominated by mammals.

To spread knowledge of the importance of the site, a museum has been created where there is a dramatization of the period in which the dinosaurs were found all over the planet and the main hypotheses about their extinction are presented, for example the impact of an asteroid, and finding out more about the mammals that took their place. The visit ends with the “Cretaceous Viewpoint”, a paleontological site open to the public where you can see footprints, dinosaur eggs and remains of vegetation from the Cretaceous period.