Our history

Can Boix de Peramola

Our history


Ten generations of the Pallarès family have lived in this ancestral home. Until well into the 20th century, this family, like all the others in the region, ate only what the land provided. They were well fed when the harvest was good and went hungry in times of drought, hail or severe frost.


In 1931, seeing that things were getting worse every day with the little and poor-quality land he had, José Mª Pallarès y Balagué decided to renovate parts of the house in order to welcome potential holidaymakers. At that time, industrial workers started to receive 10 days of holiday, and people from the cities began to venture out to discover the countryside.

This member of the Pallarès family installed running water in the house and began to produce electric light with a turbine. You could say that the Pallarès family were pioneers in setting up a place to welcome the fledgling tourism industry in a completely isolated setting.

The villagers criticised their plans and said that the Pallarès family were deluded. However, Josep Mª Pallarès y Balagué lived to see his vision come to fruition, transforming the poor and forgotten farmhouse into a prestigious hotel.

The Hotel

In 2023 the Pallarès family decided to hand over the management of the hotel to the Catalan company Slow Life Hotels, as they are aligned in terms of values and love for the smallest details and careful service.