Can Boix de Peramola

Regional cuisine

Cooking is a cultural construct that connects us with a people and traditions.

The raw ingredients are the essence of each dish, the foundation on which we build flavours, aromas and textures.

Restaurant - Hotel Can Boix de Peramola

At Can Boix de Peramola, we believe in local and sustainable cuisine, where seasonal and local products form the basis of our menu, from our breakfast bread and delicious Peramola sausages to the fruit and vegetables we grow in our garden.

Restaurant - Hotel Can Boix de Peramola

We are committed to slow food, with local produce, made with an artisan spirit, to be enjoyed without haste. We see cooking as an expression of our connection with life, with the land that welcomes us and surrounds us.

Information and reservations

The Can Boix gastronomic restaurant is open to the public.

Reservations are recommended.

Restaurant - Hotel Can Boix de Peramola